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Parameter mapping

As described, the PayByLink system uses an internal mapping system, to map input values to other input values that are mandatory for creating payments. There is no need to comply to the internal names of parameters because names, as well as values for these names, can be mapped as well using mapping rules.

Example parameter mapping

To create a payment, a currency is mandatory. Internally the name for this parameter is named ‘*CurrencyCode’. We can choose to set this value in the PayByLink system to a fixed (and allowed) value, like ‘EUR’ but we can also choose to map a value that is supplied externally to the correct internal value.

In this example, we have input parameters called ‘Currency’ and ‘LanguageName’ with its own values that must be mapped to an accepted *CurrencyCode and *LanguageCode value. The following mapping rules can apply:

1EUR[Currency] = ‘Euros’*CurrencyCode
2 USD[Currency] = ‘Dollars’ or [Currency] = ‘Us dollars’*CurrencyCode
3 AUD*CurrencyCode
4 nl-NL[LanguageName] = ‘Dutch’*LanguageCode
5 en-US*LanguageCode
6 [*AddHours([*DateNow], 4)]*ExpirationDateTime
7 [LoggedOnUser]UserName

The system checks the rules from top to bottom and skips a rule if an output name already has been set before. When rule 1 is checked, the system asks for the input value for ‘Currency’ and checks this with the value ‘Euros’. If these values are the same, the system sets the (internal) value ‘*CurrencyCode’ to ‘EUR’. If not, the system checks if ‘Currency’ contains the value ‘Dollars’ or ‘Us dollars’ and, if true, sets the ‘*CurrencyCode’ to ‘USD’. If this is also not the case, the ‘*CurrencyCode’ value is set to ‘AUD’ so *CurrencyCode will always get a value.

Also values can contain functions. In rule 6 we set the ExpirationDate to four hours from now. Finally in rule 7, we just create our own parameter called ‘UserName that is set by using the input value for ‘LoggedOnUser’ that is supplied. If a parameter is used as input in the mapping, and this parameter is not supplied, an error is thrown. In this example ‘Currency’, ‘LanguageName’ and ‘LoggedOnUser’ must be supplied as input parameters.

Only input parameters that were mapped, can be used within the PayByLink system. So in the mapping example ‘[LanguageName], ‘[Currency]’ and ‘[LoggedOnUser]’ cannot be used, but only the ‘Output name’ parameters they were mapped to internally. In the system these ‘own’ parameters can be used by mentioning them like [<name>]. For instance: ‘[UserName]’ from the mapping example.

Date updated: 2022-03-17
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