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Mapping templates

Using this mapping tool, PayByLink can be used by any external system to create a payment hardly without any expensive development needed. When a connection is made to the PayByLink system, payments can be created by ‘configuring’ instead of ‘developing’! This can be done by the entity administrator or by PayByLink employees.

Because multiple mapping templates can be created within the PayByLink system on entity or on a license level, the caller that uses the API has to identify what mapping must used to process the supplied information. This can be done by supplying a parameter with the name MappingTemplate. If this parameter is not supplied, or if it has no or an empty value, the default mapping will be used for that entity.

When a new mapping is created, all the mandatory output names will be created automatically. These values must be supplied but some of them can be left empty.

Parameters that can be used to create payments or in the mappings are described in Callbacks.

Date updated: 2019-06-12
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