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API connection

The connection to the PayByLink API is a secure connection that is protected by IP address (optional), an Extended Validation SSL certificate and a username and password combination that must be supplied as ‘basic authentication’ header. To create a connection, the following things must be arranged:

IP AddressThe IP address(es) of the server that connects to the PayByLink system must be supplied to the PayByLink or Entity administrator. He can enter these addresses in the system so that connections that are created from other IP addresses will be refused.


An API user must be created within the PayByLink system with its own unique username and corresponding password. These values must be used to create a secure connection.

Connection URL's

The URLs to connect to the PayByLink system for payments:

  • Test environment: https://testapi.paybylink.com/payment/<command>
  • Production environment: https://api.paybylink.com/payment/<command>

The URLs to connect to the PayByLink system for mandates:

  • Test environment: https://testapi.paybylink.com/mandate/<command>
  • Production environment: https://api.paybylink.com/mandate/<command>

The URLs to connect to the PayByLink system for direct collects:

  • Test environment: https://testapi.paybylink.com/collect/<command>
  • Production environment: https://api.paybylink.com/collect/<command>

The <command> value can be replaced by any trusted command that are described next.

Date updated: 2019-10-11
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