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PBL releasenotes

2020 3 30 payments new function Show resusable long or short payment url, with/without QR-code. Creation only via api.
2020 2 18 payment report new function A warning triangle (fade in/fade out) appearing in the payment reports in the status 'Succes' indicates that another 'postsale' was received with status 9.
2020 2 18 payment report new function An extra column to check a box or to add a remark. When the box turns to yellow a remark is saved.
2020 2 18 users/rights new function Data protection settings possible in Maintenance > Entity info. Anonymize data after can be set from 'never' up to and including '60 months'. When a setting is changed the information questionmark will appear. 'Because of GDRP requirements, you can choose to have information in the system automatically anonymized. The transaction data will be kept, however ALL details and personal data will be removed from the system'.
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