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Mandate report


Field nameDescription
Selection typeChoice between filter or search.
From/to: Select a period to load the mandates within the selected period.
-status(es)- Option to select specific transactions by status such as Expired, Signed, etc.
<show advanced filteroptions>
Origin Through the use of icons the column wil show you if the payment has been created: Manually, through a batch upload or through use of a API call.
Mandate number The number of the mandate.
Created Creation date of the mandate link.
Expires Expiration date/time of the mandate link. Shown in days. If less than 1 day, hours will be displayed.
Client Name of the client.
Contact E-mail or mobile number used to send the mandate link to.
Amount The total amount.
Status Mandate status:
- Green is succesful
- Yellow is expired
- Blue is pending
- Red is error
Totals Total of mandates created.
Trust Guard