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Batch import


Field nameDescription
Batch kindChoice of Payment or Mandate.
Payment method(s) Only shown for payments.
Payment methods that can be used for the transaction.
Import file type Select a file with a maximum of 4MB. Make sure that there are column headers in the Excel-file. 
Mapping template Select the mapping template with the parameters of your Excel file.
Send payment Choice between: Email, sms or Do not send. Do not send will show the created URL.
Send payments onThe date and time on which the payment link will be sent.
Payments expire onDetermines how long the payment link will be valid. Expired links will show the client the 'expired screen text'.
File to import Select the file you wish to import.
Import Import the file to create the payment/mandate links.
Cancel Cancel this page, return to the welcome page.
Keep me posted If selected this option sends the user a notification whenever the status of the transaction changes.
Info to send
Language Select the language for easy filtering of the available templates. Also this language will be sent to the Payment Service Provider (if supported).
Template Select the template to be used.
Mail subject and body Preformatted text, which can be edited. If the fields are 'greyed out' the text cannot be edited.
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