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Change mapping


Field nameDescription
Entiteit mapping parameters
Kind Mapping type: Mandate or payment.
Template name The name of the mapping template.
Is default Yes/no. Indicates the default mapping for the account. 
Output name Our internal parameters.
*LanguageCode Language code.
*CurrencyCode Currency code.
*Amount The amount to be collected.
*VariableAmounts In case of variable amounts, you can send the different options through this parameter.
*Description The description of the order.
*OrderId The ID of the order, i.e. invoice number or transaction ID.
*Gender The gender of the client (m)male, (f)female,  (u)undefined.
*ClientName The name of the client.
*MailAddress The email address of the client.
*PhoneNumber The phone number of the client.
*SendDateTime The date and time when the payment request will be sent.
*ExpirationDateTime The expiration date and time of the payment.
*MailTemplate The name of the mail template to be used for the transaction.
*SendType Which way the payment request will be send: Mail, sms, Do not send.
*CompanyName Company name of the client.
*AmountDue The outstanding amount (only with partial payments)
*AttachmentUrl If an attachment URL is sent the file will be downloaded and attached to the email.
Input condition You can program input conditions.
Output value Place your parameters here between [brackets].
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