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Field nameDescription
Entity keyLicense key for this entity. This key is also needed to use the API.
Created Date the entity was created.
Active Shows if the entity is active or not.
Cancellation date Date of cancellation.
Parent entityIf applicable, this will show the parent entity. 
Contract nameLegal company name.
Display nameName to be shown on the payment pages.
Department If applicable, you will be able to add a department name. Will be shown behind the entity name.
Language The selected language will be used in templates on the "create payment" pages.
Time zone For international use. Always shown in UTC-format.
Vat number Value Added Tax number, needed for correct invoicing.
Entity company number Chamber of Commerce number of the legal entity.
Own invoice In case multiple entities are being created, they all will be invoiced on the parent entity level. Selecting "own invoice" will make the system create a separate invoice for this entity (using the tiered pricing on the parent entity).
Debtor nr + ref Option to enter a specific debtor number and reference.
Main e-mail address Email address for communication to the person in charge of this entity.
Invoice e-mail address Email address used to deliver the invoice (as PDF-attachment).
Phone number Telephone number of the contact person of this entity.
Website Domain name of the website of this entity.
API enabled Shows if the API functionality has been turned on or off.
Payment sender
Name e-mail sender The name of the email sender to be shown to the customer.
E-mail address sender The fysical email address. This is the email address where the email has been sent from. If you would like to have this changed, please contact us.
Sms display name The name that will appear as sender of the text message.
Main address
Street and number Address of the entity.
Extra address line Extra line for additional information. 
Zip code, city, state Postal code, city and state of the company. 
Country Country of the company.
Postal address
Street and number Postal address and number.
Extra address line Extra line for additional information.
Zip code, city, state Postal code, city and state of the postal address.
Country Country of the postal address.
Trust Guard